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 Morgana's in a truly foul mood.  She's heading back to where she tied her mount, seriously considering finding out if she'll have a better chance of outrunning everything of Uther's if she takes the horse.  She also wonders if it would be considered stealing the horse, when she's the only one who rides the mare.

She is also trying very hard not to cry.  She's so angry at "Merlin" that the tears might be upset, or might be frustration.  The frustration also means she's not paying attention to anything around her, which is not typically Morgana. 
As she walks along, she grabs a random stick off the ground, hitting the trees as she walks by, in a fine temper indeed.
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Morgana's sure she's heard something in her home.  It's not something she would wake her father, or nurse Mairi up for, but something Morgana would like to investigate for herself. 

She could swear she's heard other children.  There was a boy in that cave she's not supposed to go into without her father or Mairi.  She saw him, seconds before her father threw her into the sea. 

Lighting a candle, once everyone's in bed, Morgana gets up and makes her way through the various corridors.  It's during this time in her life she's learned to sneak quietly, as she used to sleepwalk as a very young child, so her father and nurse were always light sleepers in case she took another nocturnal perambulation.  The difference here is, she's purposefully being careful, and has no intention of leaving the castle -- something she managed twice during those times.

It is in the unused part of the servants' quarters she sees a flicker of candle light, just one candle.  They don't keep a large staff -- nothing like at the citadel, as it is only her father and herself.  It's a rather quiet life, and not that many servants are necessary.  Tintagel isn't a place many people visit, though the King has been here twice.  She stays out of sight at the request of her father when that happened.

Pushing open the door to the room, she sees two little boys in bed.  There's a large taper that is giving off light.  It's in the centre of the the table.  It's far enough away from anything that it's safe to leave lit but her father wouldn't have permitted it.  So she blows out the taper, leaving only the candle she carries as the sole light source.

In the bed is the little boy she saw earlier.  He's very little, and he's not one from the village.  Sometimes, when a child in the nearby village has been injured, her father will let them stay here, so that's her first thought.  Yet, the boy looks healthy -- perfectly healthy.  The older one doesn't look to be anything but healthy either.

So there is only one thing to do.  She shakes the boy's shoulder -- the one she saw earlier.

"What are you doing here?"  Morgana's not mean, but she is very curious.


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