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All she wanted to do was look.

Morgana had heard the rumours of the new sword, and couldn't help but want to see it. As rare as her own sword is, for there to be two, two of appropriate size for her to handle properly, is unheard of. The problem is, the new sword isn't for her; it's for Arthur.

Morgana doesn't begrudge not being the recipient of the sword. The one she has was a gift from her father, so nothing could possibly improve on that. That doesn't mean she isn't curious. That doesn't mean she can't appreciate the work of the person who made it. That doesn't mean her appreciation for fine weaponry isn't always going to be there. To avoid Arthur getting even so much as a breath about it, it had been made outside the castle: a man named Tom forged it.

Morgana also wanted to see it without Arthur. He would crow, and puff about, as he had been ever since he officially started his training. Other noble children start at the age of 8, but Morgana always suspected Uther was too protective, not that he would admit it. So, Arthur was starting now, assigned as a page, and using the practice swords. As is, even Morgana has to admit the knights talk about Arthur, he must be very good already. Morgana's new lessons are different. It's about her being finished as a lady. She actually likes her lessons. The ladies of the court know how to wield power with a look, and a word, rather than a weapon. She just wishes she could do not only her own lessons, but also Arthur's.

So, here she is, sneaking into the armory after supper, looking for the sword in question. It isn't difficult to find. While it might look like a practice sword to the naked eye, there's a finishing, an intricacy to the crafting of this sword. Picking it up, she has to admit is as fine as the one her father gave to her.
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 Morgana's in a truly foul mood.  She's heading back to where she tied her mount, seriously considering finding out if she'll have a better chance of outrunning everything of Uther's if she takes the horse.  She also wonders if it would be considered stealing the horse, when she's the only one who rides the mare.

She is also trying very hard not to cry.  She's so angry at "Merlin" that the tears might be upset, or might be frustration.  The frustration also means she's not paying attention to anything around her, which is not typically Morgana. 
As she walks along, she grabs a random stick off the ground, hitting the trees as she walks by, in a fine temper indeed.


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