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It's Morgana's second attempt at trying to escape the palace.  She told the maid assigned to her that she was going to visit Arthur's chambers, told the guard who stopped her that she was heading to the stable to visit her horse, and told the groom who went to saddle her horse, that she'd forgotten something back inside the palace.

It is a loop that she figured would take everyone a while to figure out, and she'd noticed that servants with vastly different duties rarely communicated.  Morgana hopes she'll be back long before anything is figured out.

It's a festival in the lower town today -- a winter festival and she's been very limited in things to do since she became ill before Yule, and it lingered on into the new year.  She's only had one trip to Sir Ector's, and that is not enough for a girl who is used to having free run of her father's estate.

So, the Winter Festival it is.  She could hear it from her window for the past two days and today is the last day.  She's not going to miss the celebration.

Wearing her plainest cloak, to hopefully blend in, and planning on keeping the hood up, she wanders around the stalls.  No one looks sideways at one little girl wandering through the market.  She buys herself a hot treat, and watches some juggler who is tossing a ball of ice and alternating it with a lit torch.

Morgana is certain that this time, amongst the fray, she will not be caught.
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